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A back boiler is a unit fitted to the rear of a fireplace that both heats the room it is in, but also provides hot water for central heating and household use. They were installed frequently in the 1970s and ’80s, and although there are modern condensing back boilers, they are very rarely installed these days. > Get A Quote >

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4.6/5(14.5K) Baxi Bermuda Back Boilers provide a ready-made solution and are the only boiler brand to release a modern condensing back boiler. Baxi Bermuda has revolutionized the replacement of old back boilers as there is no more the need to relocate the boiler which results into saving hundreds of pounds. > Get A Quote >

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Back boilers are a form of ‘heat only’ boiler found mostly in 1960s/1970s homes. They are located in the fireplace and use the brick chimney to flue their gases out of the property. Back boilers work on open vented systems often with a gravity fed hot water system. > Get A Quote >

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Back boilers, heating system and fires. ... Back boilers shouldn't be used without the fire in place it can be blanked off if faulty but not removed baxi make a condensing back boiler iirc but if you want a wood burner anyway it wouldn't matter you would fit a boiler elsewhere and use the fireplace and chimney for a wood burner the flexible ... > Get A Quote >

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Back boilers sit behind the recess of a fireplace and heat the home and water accordingly. Hidden behind the fireplace, they save space compared to traditional gas boilers. They are also renowned for being exceptionally reliable. With a simple design and build, Back ... > Get A Quote >

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29/9/2006· I think someone is getting a little confused as to what a back boiler is. It works by sitting at the back of an open fire and heats the water much as a pan of water on a hob is heated. Incidentally, CO (carbon monoxide) is a poisonous gas. > Get A Quote >

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Replace your old back boiler with a new energy efficient back boiler . The original Baxi Bermuda back boiler was so popular in the 1960’s that it accounted for over 80% of the back boiler market. > Get A Quote >

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HSE is issuing this safety alert for the attention of individual homeowners, tenants, landlords and the plumbing/heating industry. This is to raise awareness of the potential dangers of lighting a solid fuel fire when a redundant solid fuel back boiler has been left within the fireplace. > Get A Quote >

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Back boiler replacement guide: Costs, types and best options Back boilers are old, very old, but they're still pretty common. However, they're terribly inefficient … > Get A Quote >

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4/1/2017· Back boilers are no longer being manufactured and are being replaced by modern units that are more efficient, compact and safer. If your property has a back boiler that’s either given up or you simply want a more modern heating system, most professionals … > Get A Quote >

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Similarly, floor-standing boilers took up valuable floor space, so opting for a back boiler was a great alternative,” says a spokesperson from Worcester Bosch Group. Installed neatly behind a gas fire, a back boiler made effective use of the space behind the hearth where an open fire may previously have been. > Get A Quote >

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Our Boilers Baxi Customer Support will service and repair Baxi boilers even when we stop making them.* User guides, installation instructions or brochures for discontinued products can … > Get A Quote >

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The Back Boiler has been around for ages, and will continue to be used for the next few decades. Modern ones are designed and built using the latest in boiler technology, which puts them on … > Get A Quote >

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One interesting variant of the dry-back design has been a patent for burning ash-prone fuels. The rear of the combustion chamber is used as an access point for an ash separator, removing the ash before the small-diameter tubes. Double-ended. The double-ended design places two boilers back-to-back, removing the rear wall of the boiler shell. > Get A Quote >

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Back Boilers . FIREBIRD SUPREME ... Dry-back, lift off, radiant panel. Can rise to a higher temperature than the normal type cooled by water. Ease of cleaning. The lift-off radiant panel allow immediate access to the unique layout of flue-ways which can regularly and easily cleaned. > Get A Quote >

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A back boiler can improve the efficiency of a stove by acting as a heat-sink and can also act as a method of extracting additional heat from the flue system which would otherwise have been lost. Manufacturers of stoves with back boilers quote efficiency figures of up to 80% on oil-fed models. Safety > Get A Quote >

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My old house had a back boiler. When it was (many moons ago) converted to gas from the original coal fire the back boiler remained. You didn't need the gas fire on the way you needed the coal fire on to heat the water anymore but it wasn't a combi boiler which supplies instant heating and hot water. > Get A Quote >

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What is a Back Boiler. Back boilers are attached to the back of a fireplace or stove and have been named accordingly. They became popular during the 1960s, continuing through to the 1980s, but are now rather outdated, having been bypassed by condensing boilers. > Get A Quote >

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15/3/2008· BG are prob going through the database looking at boilers that will become AR and are also elderly and trying to sell a new ones. They are there to make money, all company's do cold calling to try to promote their business. Old back boilers are inefficient and if its unsafe it a blessing in diguise. > Get A Quote >

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Back boilers are “open flued” which means that there must be an open vent to allow fresh air in to replace the fumes that go up the flue. This means that if a fault develops with the ventilation, flue or boiler itself, potentially lethal gasses can be released. Advantages of back boilers. Could be cheaper to replace if you already have this ... > Get A Quote >

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Back boilers with gas fires were initially created in late 1960s and were extremely popular within 20 years after the very first appearance on the market. Being hidden behind a chimney with a gas fire in front, such units provide pretty effective heating. > Get A Quote >


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